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Shamanic Healers Circle

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We are thrilled to announce the first accredited Shamanic Healer training in Totnes.  Lorraine and Jim have been working on the course for over two years and recently achieved accreditation from Balens Insurance for all students successfully completing.


The format of the course allows participants to be sure the approach of the teachings is suitable and Shamanic Healing is for them.  The first year is split into 4 individual stand-alone weekend modules which can be taken in any order and paid for separately allowing participants to fit the training to their life demands.  Completion of the 4 modules gives the participant a good grounding in Shamanic Healing and a greater awareness of their own connection to spirit and the world around them


The second year develops Shamanic Healing further, working with soul retrieval, death and dying, trauma and meeting requirements of becoming a professional Shamanic Practitioner including case studies, anatomy and physiology and demonstrating professional healing standards.  The year involves extended healing practice and due to the nature and respect of the work participants commit to the full year course.  Successful completion of the second year leads to recognition as a Shamanic Healer Practitioner.

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Shamanic Healing and Energy Fields



Shamanic Healing with Plant and Animal Spirits



Shamanic Journeying for Wellbeing and Transformation



Healing with the Spirits of Drum and Rattle



The new Shamanic Healers Practitioner course has been developed in the spirit of kind, inclusive, and non-dogmatic learning. The approach is shamanic in that the emphasis is on safe and respectful relationship to each other, spirits and all our relations.  We work in heart-aware ways and seek to be non-discriminating and with an earth-honouring ethic.

Overview of year one training

Year one overview