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Shamanic Healers Circle

Sky 2

Shamanic Healers Training


 Healing for Wellbeing

and Transformation


June 13 - 14, 2020


The new practitioners course offers kind, inclusive and non-dogmatic learning. With the emphasis on safe and respectful relationship to each other, spirits and all our relations.  The course runs over two years and provides ample opportunity for participants to explore the principles of Shamanic Healing.


Healing for Wellbeing and Transformation weekend


Course outline:











See Training page for further details.

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- Develop listening and body watching skills

- Understand stress response and addiction on the Shamanic energy body

- Learn about the bodies major systems and their Shamanic relationship

- Understand Spirit entities and their impact on health

- Experience and perform Entity healing

- Experience and perform Feather healing

- Experience and perform Shamanic energy balancing.